Details of the Program

Daily Fertilization and Preventive Control Programs

Providing those in charge with daily fertilization and preventive control programs.

- By placing the field number and selecting the urea fertilizer, for example, the urea fertilization program appears.

Obtaining All Data by Field No

Immediately obtain all information relating to the field including the machinery, well, soil, water, tropical temperature, previous crops once the field No. is entered.

Following up the Productivity in the Fields

Following up the productivity in the fields and according to the target through immediate reports.

- For example the Production is less than the target by 2 tons, A negative deviation appeared, as shown in red.

- But In case the production is higher than the target, a deviation of positive 2 tons appears.

Immediate Reports on Breakdown

You can obtain an immediate report on breakdowns once the field No. is entered.

Also you can obtain the records of all faults during a certain period of time.

Electronically Selecting the Fields

Fields are electronically selected for cultivation via the system according to precise scientific standards associated with the environmental requirements of the crop.

- For example if you select potato crop for cultivation, the field is accepted for conforming to the conditions.

- But in case of choosing a crop such as alfalfa, it was rejected because it did not meet the specifications, as it appears in red.

Following up the Implementation of the Agricultural Plan

Enabling the officers to follow up the implementation of the agricultural plan according to its schedule through immediate reports so showing.

On the agricultural plan screen, once you choose the type of crop, the agricultural plan data will appear, including:

  • Area
  • Fields
  • Production rate
  • Cultivation date
  • Production Date